About Us

About Us

New Perspective News (NPN) is a new online news channel with one aim: empower people with the truth.

We disrupt mainstream media by removing jargon from all of our news coverage and stripping it back to the simplified truth. We deliver expert analysis and meaningful insight into injustice and human rights abuses whilst challenging the status quo. We don’t reduce tragedies to statistics, but help our readers to process the social, emotional, and psychological impacts of them. Our readers ask: What’s going on, what does it mean for me, and what can I do?

Mainstream news is designed to agitate, divide, and desensitize. We are not.

NPN creates a platform for action through deeper assessment and understanding of contentious issues, providing a voice for all people. We put heart back into news whilst harnessing divergent and creative thinking to stimulate real change.

Our values:

  • Education, not condemnation
  • Dialogue, not shouting
  • Listening, not judging